Re: [Q] : about libmutt limits

On 04.03.2002 17:16 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> On 2002.03.04 10:07:34 +0000 Emmanuel wrote:
>> OK, but is libmutt able to have several mailboxes opened at the same 
>> time : ie you open the first one, populate an index with it, then open 
>> a new one populate another index on it by the "search in window 
>> mechanism"... I mean can libmutt handle that situation if we serialize 
>> the ops correctly?
> just look at balsa with mailbox tabs enabled, each tab corresponds to an
> open mailbox. what we do is save the relevant mutt context for each 
> mailbox
> and then set/save when we change mailbox. if you use libbalsa_mailbox
> function you're fine cause they take care of the big mutt lock for you
> you prolly don't want to launch n threads to search in n mailboxes anyway
> as that is a fun way to to trash the cache :)
> while(mailbox++)
>   libbalsa_open_mailbox(mailbox)
>   search_mailbox(mailbox)
>   libbalsa_close_mailbox(mailbox)
> would be a correct way to do it

OK Thanks. In fact I wanted to be sure that this note was wrong in the 
sense that there is no real limitation that prevents us to have several 
indexes active at the same time (even if we have to lock libmutt 

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