[Q] : about libmutt limits

	Hi all,
I've begun to dig in balsa-index code a bit to see how I could implement 
"virtual folders" and also "view search result in a new window" kind of 
features. But I saw a note before balsa_index_load_mailbox_node that says, 
in short, that, due to libmutt limits, we can't open several indexes at 
the same time. That's a real problem for what I wanted to do : I was 
planning to let the user request that Balsa search all messages in a 
mailbox that contains a substring and put the result in a new window that 
would display a new index containing the matching messages, so that the 
user could delete/transfer them like if (s)he was in a normal index. But 
that supposes to be able to open several indexes at the same time.
I thought about a possible work-around : if it's the access to the bodies 
of messages that is the problem, we can just display the new index without 
preview pane (and if the user wants to see the body of one message he 
doubles click on it and he's sent to the normal index positioned on this 
Could someone explain to me about this limitation : is it still there 
after libmutt's update, and what exactly it prevents us to do?

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