Re: [RFC] Proof of concept of new mailbox implementation

On 28.02.2002 20:33 Bart Visscher wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have the basics of the mailbox implementation working, and i would 
> like some feedback about the libbalsa part. Before i go further with 
> implementing IMAP and the maildir and MH mailboxes how you think about 
> the use of the API. So if you see something wrong or if it is unclear, 
> please send me or the list a message.
> The status so far is:
> Working:
> -sending/composing messages
> -moving/copying of messages
> -deleting messages
> -changing the status
> Not tested or not working:
> -mail threading
> -multi threading, i haven't noticed any problem, but there isn't any 
> locking in libmailbox
> -not all headers are processed
> -parsing new messages
> To Do:
> -Maildir
> -MH mailbox
> -cleanup
> -moving some code from libbalsa to libmailbox (folder scanning, ...)
> -introduced FIXME's
> -LibBalsaMailbox* cleanup
> -memory leaks
> The mailbox is not stable yet, but if you have any idea's let me know.
> The patch is at:
> or 

This sounds very promising, and also looks promising (I just look a bit at 
your code). I'll give you more feedback after having tested it more.

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