Re: BalsaIndex ported to GtkTreeView

On 2002.07.09 11:44 Emmanuel wrote:
> On 09.07.2002 12:26 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
>> I've just posted a patch for the BALSA_2 cvs branch to Bugzilla, 
>> moving BalsaIndex from the deprecated GtkCTree to gtk2's 
>> GtkTreeView. All comments welcome!
> I have not actually read the code, just your comments about the speed 
> concerns. If I understand well, moving messages has to be done the 
> hard way (sic ;-) because of the insufficiencies of GtkTreeView. 
> Perhaps should we ask to the gtk+ developpers for this feature, 
> moreover I'm sure we're not the only one to need this.
> If this is not planned as a new feature for the GtkTreeView, the idea 
> to speed the threading (I think this is the worst problem) to do it 
> in two stages : a light structure keeping all relevant datas for the 
> threading (perhaps only a ref. ), and after fill the Tree.
> Sorry to be a so crude comment, but I had no time to read the patch, 
> and I won't in the next week I thing :(
> Bye
> Manu

On closer inspection (using the panel cpu monitor, not serious 
timings!), the sluggishness seems to come from the rendering, not the 
threading: `view->JWZ threading' takes imperceptibly longer than 
`view->flat index' on a mailbox with 300+ messages, and `view->simple 
threading' takes less than twice as long.

The posted patch is a little clumsier than it needs to be: each row 
reference can be attached to it message, instead of creating and 
passing around another hash table. I have corresponding code, and I can 
post it if anyone's interested--but it's not noticably different in 

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