Balsa 2, utf8 and an editable widget


I just played a bit with Balsa 2 and have to say that it has already gone 
a long way!
Some small things I noticed that are really annoying atm (a least for me)

1) I always get  "WARNING **: Invalid UTF8 string passed to 
pango_layout_set_text()" and all lines with non-ascii-characters like the 
German  or  aren't displayed at all. (I'm using pango and gtk from 
debian unstable (gtk 2.0.5 and pango 1.0.0))
2) the TextView showing the header-lines is editable (is that a new 
feature? :-)

And would sb. please give me a hint were to search for the creation of the 
TextViews and other widgets (for pictures...)
In balsa-message.c I found select_part() which emits 
balsa_message_signalbut I have no clue what happens then... :-(


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