Minor Glich in the German translation


I just happen to see a minor flaw in the German translation (and others probably too)

Balsa asked me about that when I was closing it:

"Balsa is sending a message. Do you want to cancel it?

Ok - Cancel"

Well, pressing Ok cancels the message and quits the program, while pressing cancel does _not_ cancel the sending. Well, I had enough experience to guess that the "Ok" and "Cancel" button are related to the quitting the program, and not the sending of the message, but maybe you should reformat the question. And would it be too hard to make this messages disapper and the program quit if the message is done sending?


(well, yeah, you can tell I start using balsa seriously, that's the reason for the many list-mailings. I hope you don't mind. I also hope that someday later I can fix things like that myself, and actually contribute...)

Joachim Breitner 
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