Re: balsa 1.3.0 IMAP trouble (was: [PATCH][RFC] balsa 1.2.4 and the european currency)

On 2002.01.27 17:38 Anders Larsen wrote:
> On 2002-01-27 14:55:36 +0100 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
>> On 2002.01.26 16:31 Anders Larsen wrote:
>> [ snip ]
>>> Incidentally, I can't use 1.3.0, since it does not play well with 
>>> my old cmu "cyrus" imap server (v1.6.19) - balsa refuses to recurse 
>>> into the Inbox as soon as it is declared to be, well, inbox.
>> Try increasing Settings->Preferences->Startup->IMAP scan depth. I 
>> don't know why it matters, but it seems to!
> Nope, changing that setting does absolutely *nothing* here.
> The only thing that helps is if I declare some mailbox *outside* the 
> IMAP tree to be an Inbox - then, and only then, balsa recurses into 
> the IMAP Inbox (but the IMAP Inbox *is* my inbox...)
> Oh well, looks as if it's time to upgrade my cyrus imap server to a 
> more recent version.
> Cheers
>   Anders

Yes, you're right, there's something weird going on here! I tried 
marking my (Cyrus) INBOX as Inbox, and upped the scan depth. As you 
wrote, the tree still isn't found.

However, if I rescan the root of the IMAP folder tree, it *is* found 
(though INBOX as Inbox is still a plain mailbox at the top level, in 
addition to appearing in the tree). So if you don't mind the manual 
rescan, you can in fact get access to the whole tree--at least, if your 
Cyrus server behaves the same as mine. Not entirely satisfactory, I 

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