Re: [PATCH][RFC] balsa 1.2.4 and the european currency

Hmmm, that's strange! I did not try 1.2.4 as I always use the cvs version, 
but in the cvs (vers. 1.3.0 from help->info) *is* 8859-15 set for the euro 
languages except english, and it has been there for several weeks at least...

Am 25.01.02 23:51:16 schrieb(en) Anders Larsen:
> in order to use the "new" european currency sign ('¤') in e-mails
> we need to set the charset to iso8859-15.
> The attached patch sets this charset for all "Euro" countries
> according to the selected language (yes, I had to set it for
> "generic" English, too, to accomodate for the Irish).

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