Re: HTML images , spell check , window management bugs

On 2002.01.23 12:14:52 +0000 Brian Stafford wrote:

>> Actually, there is just one situation when we might want to show the 
>> images, namely when they are embedded in the message (and identified by 
>> cid: protocol, IIRC).
> Actually there are two methods of cross linking in multipart/related 
> aggregate docuemnts - AFAIK one invented by M$, the other invented by 
> Nutscrape.  Naturally RFC 2557 standardises both of them!
> Briefly, Content-Location: specifies a full URL that can be fetched from 
> the internet.  A UA may check URLs in the HTML document against the MIME

garrr. bad. death, dishonour or something far worse is farther down this

> parts with Content-Location: headers before attempting to fetch them from 
> the internet.  This mechanism would have to be implemented as well as the 
> cid: references as different UAs arbitrarly use one or both mechanisms when 
> composing the aggregate document.
> IMO there should be an option to prohibit automatic fetching content from 
> the internet; the empty images could always be clicked or something similar 
> to fetch them if the user wants them.
IMO MUAs shouldn't be getting images from the internet. if the user wants that
he says 'open in browser'

> Just my tuppence worth!

my 0.02 EUR
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