Re: HTML images , spell check , window management bugs

On Wed, 2002-01-23 at 04:09, Patrick McGinty wrote:
> When viewing HTML email messages the images are not displayed in the 
> message, only place holders. Is this a bug with GTK HTML or is there an 
> option that has to be enabled. I'm not sure what version of GTH HTML I 
> have. I'm using the Slackware 8 distro.

well its programmed that way. e.g. a lot of people dont want to load
images from pages through email. not to mention that this isnt yet
supported in balsa. i tried to implement this some weeks back but due
the lack of documentaion. i failed.

> The program succesfully built with the pspell library, and the program 
> pspell runs from the command line. When trying to use the spell check 
> option I get the error message, "I'm sorry I can't find any suitable 
> word lists for the language-tag 'en'. "  Why is this happening ?? Do I 
> need to specify a wordlist somewhere in the preferences ?

yeah you need to read the pspell documentations and install a language
datafile or how do you expect words should get corrected ?

(not balsa related)

> This one is minor, but a valid complaint. When I start the program or 
> any windows, they seem to start in random locations. Is there any way 
> to save the window location? Usually windows such as the compose or 
> message viewer pop up in the lower right or left hand corners. I would 
> like it to be in the middle of the screen.

thats a problem of the windowmanager you are using, e.g. with sawfish
you can save the location of the window.

(not balsa related)

Name....: Ali Akcaagac
Status..: Student Of Computer & Economic Science

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