HTML images , spell check , window management bugs

I have run into a few errors while using this program, please help if 
you know of any solutions. The first one is:

When viewing HTML email messages the images are not displayed in the 
message, only place holders. Is this a bug with GTK HTML or is there an 
option that has to be enabled. I'm not sure what version of GTH HTML I 
have. I'm using the Slackware 8 distro.

number two:

The program succesfully built with the pspell library, and the program 
pspell runs from the command line. When trying to use the spell check 
option I get the error message, "I'm sorry I can't find any suitable 
word lists for the language-tag 'en'. "  Why is this happening ?? Do I 
need to specify a wordlist somewhere in the preferences ?

number three:

This one is minor, but a valid complaint. When I start the program or 
any windows, they seem to start in random locations. Is there any way 
to save the window location? Usually windows such as the compose or 
message viewer pop up in the lower right or left hand corners. I would 
like it to be in the middle of the screen.

If anyone can help, let me know. Thanks
Casey McGinty

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