Re: HTML images , spell check , window management bugs

On 2002.01.23 08:51:57 +0000 Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-01-23 at 09:28, Pawel Salek wrote:
> > > > option that has to be enabled. I'm not sure what version of GTH HTML
> > > > I have. I'm using the Slackware 8 distro.
> >
> > Actually, there is just one situation when we might want to show the
> > images, namely when they are embedded in the message (and identified by
> > cid: protocol, IIRC).
> errm....
> images embedded into the message ? thats new for me.

you just attach the images and use cid: pseudo uris in the html. it
*should* be safe provided we do it right. at least it should be no
worse than opening the image on it's own.
this is totally diferent from normal <a href="">s where need to connect to
a server to get the image

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