Re: Balsa vs. Evolution

On Sat, 2002-01-19 at 19:25, Martin Leopold wrote:
> Hi all.
> In order to try out a more advanced calendar than gnome-calendar I had a
> look at Evolution. While doing that I tried out the mail client, and there
> were a few plesant surprises:
>    * Uses it's own mailbox format making opening of larges mailboxes fast

Actually Evolution uses standard mbox format. It can also use MH or
Maildir, but there is no proprietary mailbox format.

>    * The nice reply-group hotkeys is there
> On the other hand:
>    * Not using mbox makes it harder to switch MTA and harder to edit the
> mailboxes by hand..
>    * I couldn't find anything reembling the neat thread-view


>    * Has much slower startup

Can't debate this ;-)

>    * No expand-as-you type address book lookup (in general a very clumsy
>      selection of recipents).

Hmmm, as long as you have addresses in your addressbook, it should
present you with a list of possible recipient matches based on what
you've typed. It works for me and most other people. Anyways, if this
feature doesn't work for you then you should report a bug.

> So my question is this: What are the major differences? And advantages of
> Balsa?
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> Regards Martin Leopold.
> Dept. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen
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