Re: Balsa crashes when receiving email

On 2002.01.18 18:21 Emmanuel wrote:
> to have a better idea of what is going on, could you put PopDebug to 
> 1 (it's at the beginning of libbalsa/pop3.c) and give us the result 
> (you have to redirect stderr to a file). I think it'll help a lot.

To add to all the weirdness going on, here's a new bit: I cannot 
replicate this crash any more. Simply, it won't bloody crash. Don't 
start cursing at me that soon, though. I'm sure it was 'delete messages 
from server after download' which made it crash at that point since I 
*exhaustively* tested and replicated the problem over and over. Anyhow, 
I can now use that option. Unless I'm having visions and such, this is 

Now, the only thing I changed from when I did those tests was that I 
upgraded balsa to the latest CVS like one hour ago (which means 
something like 00:20 GMT). I didn't change anything, balsa-options-wise 
*and* system-wise, at least nothing which could affect POP mail 
retrieving, only cosmetic changes.

It's funny, since I noticed it wouldn't crash anymore right when I was 
putting Emmanuel's tip in practice, ie. set PopDebug to 1 and ran Balsa 
redirecting stderr to a file.

If somehow this thing here crahes *again* I'll let you know. So far, so 

// Paulo Andre'

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