Re: Balsa vs. Evolution


On 2002.01.20 00:34 Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> >    * Has much slower startup
> yeah but evolution has more things to offer, you should take this into
> consideration. where balsa is just a mailer, evolution is a whole pim.

Well, I can't really bash Evolution even if I wanted to since I never 
seriously tried it. However, I can just wonder at how much more things 
Evolution has to offer. I mean, the tarball is like 10MB! Compared to 
balsa, it's damn huge.

> > So my question is this: What are the major differences? And
> advantages of
> > Balsa?
> speed. follows mbox rules in good old unix style. a lot of people uses
> it etc...

Yeah, that's a good thing, imho. Anyway, since someone tricked me into 
balsa (*hint*hint*) I find it really nice for being a real lightweight 
and still having everything I need implemented in a sane way (well, 
most things).

// Paulo Andre'

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