Re: gpg support?

> > Laurent Cheylus and I are currently working on it. We will be using
> > the gpgme library ( to implement it. 
> well i have investigated a lot of hours into MUTT the past weeks and
> don't understand why we need to use the gpgme library at all. mutt
> supports pgp and gpg out of the house already. wouldn't it make more
> sense using these stuff that already exists ?

That's what I thought at first too. Well, it seems libmutt is probably
going to be dropped in the future and mutt's GPG/PGP configuration is
not that easily made 'user-friendly'. I don't think we want 'normal'
users to have to enter all that - I (while using mutt for over 5
 years) had some problems understanding and installing mutt GPG


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