Re: External-editor support, better maildir guessing

On 2001.12.25 17:13 Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
> Here's my next patch, features:
> - External editor support
> - Mutt-like external editor support (edit the headers with the
>   external editor too). (Checkbox)

This is great! GtkText has many deficiences and having support for 
full-blown external editor is a nice thing. I have taken liberty to 
introduce some cosmetic changes (replace unsafe tmpnam() with mkstemp(), 
etc). and commited it to CVS repository.

> - Try whether $HOME/mail, $HOME/Mail or $HOME/nsmail exist and default
>   to $HOME/mail if none of them exists. (The balsa startup wizard now
> 		guesses all my settings correctly :)

This part is not present in the patch, as far as I can tell. If this is 
really the case, can you please resubmit it?

> Notes:
>  - The external editor support is not very heavily tested, might have
>    bugs..
>  - I have used the identity icon for 'edit with external editor'.
>    We need a more appropriate icon.

Apriopriate icon would be nice, that's true.



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