persistent IMAP message caching for the brave


There is persistent IMAP message content caching in CVS (i.e. message read 
from IMAP mailboxes are cached across the sessions). The caching is still 
a bit rough (read: speed&memory optimizations possible) but serves well as 
a demonstration.

There is also some code to support header caching but this part of the 
code is not quite finished because it requires some deep interference with 
libmutt code.
I see two ways of handling it. Common step is to read list of message UIDs 
present in the mailbox. Then, the ways split:
1. create libmutt structures from data read from cache.

2. do not refer to libmutt at all (i.e. use libmutt for reading UIDs only 
and updating mailboxes identified by their uids).

1) is not a clean solution but might be a simpler one. Opinions?

BTW, When you check out CVS, make sure you have an entry in ChangeLog 
dated 2002-01-06.


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