Re: PATCH: gcc3.x __FUNCTION__ fix

On 2001.12.23 22:14 Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> hi,
> in current cvs src/sendmsg-window.c contains old depracted
> __FUNCTION__ variables that causes gcc 3.x to spit out an
> error when compiled with -Werror. for future compilance this
> needs to be changed to __funct__. everything else can be read
> in gcc-info-13.

my says:
    GNU CC also supports the magic word `__func__', defined by the ISO
standard C-99:
In other words, using __func__ would mean we require C-99 compatible 
compiler, which is not something I would like to do at the moment (I 
believe gcc is the only available compiler that implements this standard), 
unless there is no other way to make gcc-3.0 compile balsa.

my $0.02


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