Re: Balsa 1.2.3 installed and receiving but not sending

On 2002.01.05 21:37 Andrew Pierce wrote:
> Hey! If you are reading this, I got it working! It was the Identities 
> thing. I don't mean to be critical but that is not real clear on what 
> that is all about. Now that I have a browser and email client that work 
> under Linux, I don't need my Windows box so much!
> Thanks so much for all who offered help.  Now that I have it working, I 
> would kind of like to get involved in hacking on the code.  I have 
> written much software for Windows but I am new to this Linux/GTK+ 
> thing.  I bought Peter Wright's book and have gone through that.  I 
> haven't done anything "real" in Linux yet though.

Great another soldier of computing freedom! ;-)


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