Proposition for new stable release

	Hi all,
Hi repost this message I sent few days ago, because it seems that it has 
been totaly ignored. Please at least tell me it's a too bad idea ;-)


AFAICS 1.3.x is pretty stable and yet adds new features to 1.2.x. So why
not release it shortly as a 1.4.0-pre1 to release a 1.4.x branch soon?
	The idea behind is that it seems like we will spend a lot of time
on porting to gnome2 that will be broken for quite a long time. Moreover
the only feature that is really lacking is GnuPG/PGP support, but I'm not
sure we can do both porting and adding this feature.
	I also try to begin a backport of bug fixes from CVS to 1.2.x, but
because 1.3.x seems actually stable, I don't it is really smart to spend
time on backporting fixes, and I think 1.2.x really lacks the
search/filters features.
So to be short the aim is to have a more feature complete stable branch
(1.4.x), not loose time on backport to a too behind actual stable branch
(1.2.x), and focus on a 1.9.x devel branch which will be the port to
Moreover we can also imagine that if someone is interested in implementing
GnuPG/PGP support, he can manage to maintain a patch against stable branch
(or open a 1.5.x devel cvs branch) because I think that it is quite
orthogonal to changes necessary for the port (but I could be wrong).
OK, thank you if you manage to read until here ;-) What do you think of
these ideas?

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