Porting to GNOME2 code - work assignment.


I have just commited initial GNOME2 porting patches to BALSA_2 branch 
(check it out by cvs co -r BALSA_2 or cvs update -r BALSA_2). The patch 
is based on Jelmer's work. This is very initial stage: configure should 
run, and one file in libbalsa should compile. The porting work is most 
likely going to be _mostly_ straight-forward (with some exceptions). I 
guess it should be possible to distribute the work on the file-by-file 
basis. I.e. one might take an arbitrary source file from balsa and try

make source.o

There will be some collisions in the header files - I have already 
noticed that signal marshallers accept different sets of arguments - 
but I think it should be easy to resolve.

We have now already three branches:
HEAD - where the new features come.
BALSA_2 - porting work to GNOME2.
BALSA_1_2_x - old but stable branch.

I do not know whether it is worth to keep BALSA_1_2_x branch alive. If 
there was somebody willing to, for example, port some bugfixes/simple 
features (like Reply To group) back to BALSA_1_2_x, the patches would 
be welcome.

Pawel Salek (pawsa@theochem.kth.se) http://www.theochem.kth.se/~pawsa/
Theoretical Chemistry Division, KTH

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