Re: Bcc not working?

On Mon, 18 February 19:55 Thomas Maeder wrote:
> Am 2002.02.18 13:50 schrieb(en) Brian Stafford:
>> Balsa DOES work correctly, i.e. two messages - one with, one without the 
>> Bcc header correctly submitted to the SMTP server.
> I come to a different conclusion.
> This is the transcript of my sending two messages. The first one only has a 
> To:, the second also a Bcc: (to a different address)


Will you *please* get the protocol trace from Balsa as previously instructed.  
Configure balsa using "CFLAGS=-DDEBUG=1 ./configure ...", send the message.  
balsa will print a protocol trace to stderr.  Post this trace to the list.

The protocol trace you supply is not from any protocol session originated by 
balsa+libESMTP.  Balsa submits both messages in a single smtp session, not two 
sessions as your trace shows and both messages share the *same* message-id, 
not two different message ids.  So you have gone to a lot of effort to obtain 
something totally useless.

Despite your different conclusion, balsa *does* work correctly.  Until you 
provide the protocol trace from balsa that was actually asked for, neither I 
nor anybody else on this list can or will help you.

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