Re: Bcc not working?

On Mon, 18 February 18:11 Thomas Maeder wrote:
> Am 2002.02.18 13:50 schrieb(en) Brian Stafford:s.  The protocol trace
>> At the very least try settings->preferences->display->status messages and 
>> set information/warning/error messages to "show in list".
> I tried that (I should have before, I know); I set all the menus to output 
> to console. Then I sent a message with a Bcc, but nothing was written to the 
> console.

The "show in list" option does not log to the console.  You need to build 
balsa with -DDEBUG for that as previously explained.  The "show in list" 
options record some status messages in a dialogue box, which might be helpful.

> And the Bcc wasn't delivered.

Without the facts, the problem cannot be diagnosed.  Period.

Brian Stafford

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