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I agree that we should leave filtering to procmail, it is designed for that
and is very good at it. However, granted that there may be some new comers
who need the UI, Raven's suggestion of a separate frontend / UI for
procmail config would be cool. (It might have already been done).


On 24 Sep 16:45 Raven wrote:
> On 2001.09.21 15:47 Andy Piper wrote:
> > 
> > Indeed. The biggest issue I have with Balsa is the lack of
> > inbuilt filtering - your patches are great - looking forward to
> > joining the main codebase!
> > 
> I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree on that. I'm not a coder in
> balsa,
> but use it to the exclusion of other MUAs, and find that using procmail
> is
> far preferable to the kind of built-in filtering that is being proposed.
> That strike me more along the lines of a M$-Outlook all-in-one approach,
> as
> opposed to the "build several tools that each does their job well"
> approach. If built-in filtering *is* added to the main product, I would
> strongly suggest that the option to use procmail instead be included in
> the
> Preferences, as it is now.
> Now, if someone wants to write a GUI that writes .procmailrc files, I
> would
> be interested - I would ever propose writng that myself, if I can write
> it
> in python (C not being a specialty of mine).
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