[ANNOUNCE] : Filters patch against 1.2.0

	Hi all,
here is the last filters patch against 1.2.0. It corrects a lot of bugs and
add two other criteria of filtering : date interval and message flags, so
now you can ask all messages between certain dates or having been read or
flagged or replied...
In this version you can also specify that you want that filters associated
to a mailbox to be run automatically (on reception or on closing).
Filtering on reception works only on pop mailboxes (because I was not able
to find a way to do it for others). Still I'm not really confident in this
But for the remaining it works pretty well now (ie no more crashes by me :)
You'll find patches at


Please tell me if this link works, because I'm not really comfortable with
web management :)

I'm not able now (due to lack of times) to code virtual folders that were
talked about, but I think that these patches provide a lot of the needed

I look forward to seeing a 1.3 branch to be able to commit the whole thing
to CVS ;-)

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