Re: Fwd: [ANNOUNCE] : Filters patch against 1.2.0 [e allaud wanadoo fr]

On 2001.09.21 15:17 Emmanuel wrote:
> here is the last filters patch against 1.2.0. 

Just getting it down - great! :-)

> You'll find patches at

You always post a similar URL, but I find that I have to use (i.e. you miss the 'n' from person)

> I look forward to seeing a 1.3 branch to be able to commit the
> whole thing to CVS ;-)

Indeed. The biggest issue I have with Balsa is the lack of
inbuilt filtering - your patches are great - looking forward to
joining the main codebase!


Andy Piper - Fareham, Hampshire (UK) - ICQ #86489434

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