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Thanks all!

Well, what I did is this.
First I tried to use eud2mbox, but I had problems: maybe I'll ask the
author, even if it must be something wrong from me...
Then I installed ol2mbox: it works with outlook 5 .dbx files and it does
perfectly - as far as I've seen!

With regard to the faq or similar, what do you think? I'd like to help you,
but I'm a newbie...this could be an advantage, as I know directly many
problems [ :-( ] and doubts one can have! Anyway, some technical help is
Let me know....

In the future I'll probably ask you other things...


>Filters are scheduled for the next devel cycle. Be patient :)
>They are just a low priority as so much people already have working
>configurations :)

I'm sorry, I said filter in a wrong way, I did mean conversion tools!!
As you see, you can trust on me! ;-)

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