Re: Balsa isnt working. How can I trouble shoot

On Wed, 28 November 12:41 Jochen Kunz wrote:
> On 2001.11.27 23:48:26 +0100 Dane Ensign wrote:
> > I have created a test email but when I try to send it
> > I get a window that says: There was a message delivery problem
> > and its was placing the email in my Outbox.
> Maybe FAQ#13: (
> Why do I get "SMTP server problem: SMTP Server dropped connection"?
>           Balsa's default is to use the "submission" service on port 587. But
>           most servers still use the SMTP protocol on port 25, so just put
>           ":smtp" or ":25" behind the server, ie. "".
> > BTW - Im a greenhorn to linux, so take it easy me
> I am an expert Unix user and I steped into this trap too. :-)
> (Fortunately I know how to handle tcpdump, so I fond the answer by myself.)

Doesn't anyone ever read Balsa's README?  See the section "Specifying the SMTP 
Server".  Sometimes I wonder why I bothered writing that text ...

> Hmmm. Suggestion: If balsa (via libesmtp) can not connect to port
> 587 it should switch to SMTP on port 25 automagicly.

No, absolutely not.  The reason for this has been discussed before on the 
list.  Of course if one understood the distinction between submission and 
relay and why they need to be distinguished, one would not make this 

Brian Stafford

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