Re: Balsa isnt working. How can I trouble shoot

On 2001.11.27 23:48:26 +0100 Dane Ensign wrote:

> I have created a test email but when I try to send it
> I get a window that says: There was a message delivery problem
> and its was placing the email in my Outbox.  
Maybe FAQ#13: (
Why do I get "SMTP server problem: SMTP Server dropped connection"?
          Balsa's default is to use the "submission" service on port 587. But
          most servers still use the SMTP protocol on port 25, so just put
          ":smtp" or ":25" behind the server, ie. "". 

> BTW - Im a greenhorn to linux, so take it easy me
I am an expert Unix user and I steped into this trap too. :-)
(Fortunately I know how to handle tcpdump, so I fond the answer by myself.)

Hmmm. Suggestion: If balsa (via libesmtp) can not connect to port
587 it should switch to SMTP on port 25 automagicly. 



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