RFC mailbox interface

Hi everyone,

I am thinking about changing Balsa to use its own mailbox functions, or a
library if the right one is found. Reading past discussions i noticed that
some people have some strong ideas how the interface should look like. So
before i start i would like some feedback. My idea is to provide the
following mailbox functions:
open mailbox
close mailbox
create mailbox
check mailbox
sync/commit mailbox
lock/unlock mailbox

get message
get headers
get body
add message
delete message
update message

Where a message, headers or body is just a char array. The processing of
the message is a
totally separate action.

Further was i planning to use as little as possible from glib, so no glib
object or signals. Making it easier to separate the functions from Balsa.

Optimizations like analyzing headers when scanning mbox files, are planned
for a later stage.

I'm totally open to a different design. So if you have any comments or know
of mailbox libraries to look at or use: mail me or the list.

This NOT about the implementation, just about how to interface with the 

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