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On 2001.11.02 20:12:26 +0100 Philippe Mathieu wrote:
> To the developers of balsa.
> Which distribution do you use when testing the program? Debian, RedHat,
> ...? Which kernel version?
> I am sure an answer to these questions would be of interest. Thanks!

well, i was on different distributions the early days.

but after some years of gaining experience and knowledge about system
administrating etc. i realized that most distributions are really

- distributions usually do their own patchwork e.g. they get the
  packs from the net and tweak their own stuff inside it.
- configuration is usually borked in some ways
- usually to many other stuff is running in the background.
  e.g. deamons, services and stuff that no one really wants or

... to be continued ...

means if you know one distribution and system this excludes your
knowledge of another system since they are not similar.

so after some years i've decided to drop all that stuff and create
my own system out of sources. the LFS project was a nice startingpoint
unfortunately it came out after i did my own system. during this time
i never regret doing my own system. its a small light system that really
uses that stuff that i really need.

my system contains the basic unix programs for development, xfree 4.1.0
linux kernel, gcc 3.0.2, latex, mozilla, mysql, apache and a complete
up to date gnome 1.4 installation. i am also sure that maintaining an
own system is far easier than anything else. whenever some major changes
happens, i gonna recompile the whole stuff from scratch with most recent
versions of the programs to a new directory and move the stuff back to my
worksystem afterwards..

well doing the first system EVER is really a hard work it took me 7-8 days
but now after time things are getting much easier. my scripts are all written
more or less, they work properly.. for a next system i can save time because
i dont need to write scripts anymore. but thats a normal live of a sysadmin
netadmin.. my only lack of knowledge is deeper networkadministration but i am
currently reading the tcp/ip book from craig hunt in hope to get more clue
in that direction.

Name....: Ali Akcaagac
Status..: Student Of Computer & Economic Science

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