Multiple accounts & more

[This is a second post because I didn't see the msg coming in the list; hope
not to bother in any case]

Ciao to all the mailing list
I'm a real beginner coming from Windows NT (noone is perfect! ;)[1] and
slowly moving to gnu/Linux.
[BTW I used the red-carpet to install the full last gnome family on a RH7.1]

I definitely need imap to manage emails onto the corporate Exchange Server.
I put the smtp address in the "preferences" windows as external server and
created the 4 typical boxes (in, out, sent, draft) and set them up as

Q. Works, but I'd like to get a copy of the msg in the sent box..

Q. The server is on the other side of a WAN so the first time I access a
mailbox, Balsa needs minutes; is there a way to permanently "cache" locally
msgs? (my inbox e.g. is 900 msgs)

I have some other personal accounts and I don't want to have msgs moving
through the company server; I'd have to define at least one other smtp
Touch upon heresy ;) saying Outlook Express is quite perfect? "One
account=one set of definition", not bad!

Thank you in advance and GREAT JOB, thank again!
[1] uhu, yep... not fully moved :( OE docet
[2] Sorry my poor English

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