Re: Multiple accounts & more

On 2001.05.18 18:05:20 +0100 Paolo Fiore wrote:

> [IMAP]
> I definitely need imap to manage emails onto the corporate Exchange Server.
> I put the smtp address in the "preferences" windows as external server and
> created the 4 typical boxes (in, out, sent, draft) and set them up as
> "default".
> Q. Works, but I'd like to get a copy of the msg in the sent box..
IMAP boxes can't be used as 'sentbox'. this is annoying, and marked as
a bug and in queue to get fixed. eventually :\

> Q. The server is on the other side of a WAN so the first time I access a
> mailbox, Balsa needs minutes; is there a way to permanently "cache" locally
> msgs? (my inbox e.g. is 900 msgs)
No. I don't know much about the imap protocol but unless i'm missing 
some obvious way to do it it won't happen on the NearFuture. (900 messages ?
sheesh do some house keeping :))

> [SMTP]
> I have some other personal accounts and I don't want to have msgs moving
> through the company server; I'd have to define at least one other smtp
> server.

The code was restructured a while ago to allow Multiple identities. 
that's the good news. the bad news is noone actually coded the 
configuration and selection stuff yet.

> Touch upon heresy ;) saying Outlook Express is quite perfect? "One
> account=one set of definition", not bad!
that's what every mailer out there does :)

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