Re: Multiple MUA crash

> > With my inbox open in Balsa, I started up a Mutt session on it.  I
> > deleted a message using Mutt, purged the message (so it was really gone
> > from the mailbox on disk) and then tried to view the message in Balsa. 
> > Balsa did not like this.
> Well, try first running two mutts. I think you will get the same
> incorrect behavior (I may be wrong). If two mutts can handle it well,
> this is then problem on balsa side. In any case, you will most likely
> need plain C to fix it, I believe.

Nope, two mutts handle the situation fine.  It doesn't disappear from the
list, but opening the message just shows a blank screen, and then returning
to the mailbox gives the message 'Mailbox has been externally modified,
flags may be wrong', and the externally deleted message is gone.

This then looks like a Balsa problem.  Any pointers on where to start
looking?  I'm guessing in balsa-message.c for handling the missing message
load and where for dealing with the mailbox message list -


Daniel Foster -

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