Multiple MUA crash


I had a feeling this was going to kill balsa, but I went ahead and did it

With my inbox open in Balsa, I started up a Mutt session on it.  I deleted
a message using Mutt, purged the message (so it was really gone from the
mailbox on disk) and then tried to view the message in Balsa.  Balsa did
not like this.

Clicking the 'Check' buttons to check for new mail doesn't remove mail
that's no longer in the mailbox either.  My guess is that all it would take
would be a bit more graceful handling of the 'this message is not in this
mailbox' error, which currently just kills Balsa.  If nobody has any better
ideas I may go in and have a look at modifying the behaviour so Balsa sees
that the message is no longer there and removes it from the message list. 
This could take me a while though, since I basically have no clue about GTK
programming.  The straight C to deal with stuff is fine, but as for
removing the message from the list...

The rationale behind wanting this to work would be that I can have my main
desktop machine sitting there all the time, with Balsa open, and when I'm
in a different room I can SSH into my machine, load up Mutt and deal with
my mail.  Strange I know, but it's what I'd like to do.


Daniel Foster -

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