Re: Creating new mailbox dirs

On Wed, Mar 14, 2001 at 04:06:49PM -0500, Fletcher Williams wrote:
> 	Sure! My unix mailbox tree looks like this:
> mail
> |-- Active
> |-- Biz
> |   |-- SunEd
> |   |-- SynapSys
> |   |   |-- Amanda
> o   o   o
> 	Where 'mail' is a unix directory containing a mailbox format
> file called 'Active' and another Unix directory called 'Biz'. The Unix
> folder 'Biz' contains a mailbox format file called 'SunEd' as well as
> a Unix directory called 'SynapSys'. Which in turn, contains a mailbox
> format file called 'Amanda'. 
> 	All of the mailbox format files contain, of course, email. The
> unix directories contain either mailboxes or directories. 
> 	Now, via Balsa, I click on a unix directory in my tree, for
> example, 'Biz'. I then right click on 'Biz' and select New --> Local
> Maildir Mailbox. My intent is to create a mailbox format file under
> the 'Biz' sub-directory. Instead, it creates the mailbox under the
> primary 'mail' directory. This seems wrong. :) 

Ok ! this is the problem :) there *is* a mailbox format/type that's called
MailDir. What you want to create is a mbox mailbox. MailDir (and MH)
creation at the moment is not done in balsa. (in fact, as it is in current
cvs balsa should crash if you try to remove that mailbox - ops :))

anyway, creating a mailbox inside a dir didn't work for me either. the
mailbox file is placed on the correct path but the mailbox apears on the
root of the mbox tree. this is confusing and must atented too imho.
balsa expects mailboxs inside mail/ to 'appear' not to be created via the
new->mailbox function. new-> should be used to add mboxes out of the mail/
any options on this issue ?

> 	Sorry if the explaination is pedantic. I wasn't sure how detailed
> you wanted me to be.
it was good :)


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