Re: Creating new mailbox dirs

	Sure! My unix mailbox tree looks like this:

|-- Active
|-- Biz
|   |-- SunEd
|   |-- SynapSys
|   |   |-- Amanda
o   o   o

	Where 'mail' is a unix directory containing a mailbox format
file called 'Active' and another Unix directory called 'Biz'. The Unix
folder 'Biz' contains a mailbox format file called 'SunEd' as well as
a Unix directory called 'SynapSys'. Which in turn, contains a mailbox
format file called 'Amanda'. 
	All of the mailbox format files contain, of course, email. The
unix directories contain either mailboxes or directories. 

	Now, via Balsa, I click on a unix directory in my tree, for
example, 'Biz'. I then right click on 'Biz' and select New --> Local
Maildir Mailbox. My intent is to create a mailbox format file under
the 'Biz' sub-directory. Instead, it creates the mailbox under the
primary 'mail' directory. This seems wrong. :) 

	Sorry if the explaination is pedantic. I wasn't sure how detailed
you wanted me to be.



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On 2001.03.14 15:18 Carlos Morgado scribed:

 On 2001.03.14 20:07:03 +0000 Fletcher Williams wrote:
 > 	Since upgrading, I've not been able to create any new Local
 > mailboxes, properly. They all end up under the main tree as opposed to
 > subtree. I right click on the subfolder, select New--> Local Maildir
 > mailbox, fill in the info and it gets created but not under the
 > under the main trunk. 
 hum. when i do new->maildir balsa tells me it doesn't know how to create 
 maildir mailboxes. could you please detail ? :)
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