Re: Outbox traffic jam?

On 2001.06.27 10:42 Brian Stafford wrote:
> On Wed, 27 June 16:15 Scott Thomason wrote:
> | I am still experiencing this same problem, even after downloading the
> | latest libesmtp-0.8.2 last night. However, I find that if I wait
> | patiently for many minutes (more than five), it eventually gets sent
> | out. It is quite disconcerting, though, not something I would want to
> | live with forever.
> Delays of 5 minutes suggest something has deadlocked and is timimg out.

Random thoughts:

Maybe not, do the math and find that it takes about 5 minutes to send a
megabyte or so over a dialup link.  If balsa's configured to talk with a
remote smtp server instaed of localhost, that would account for it.

My favorite timeouts are DNS, is reverse DNS correct for your box?  5
minutes is a long time for DNS though.

Perhaps the problem is in the sending mail reporting dialog?  Maybe it's
not always up-to-date on what's going on with the smtp dialog.  At what
point does the pause occur?

Karl <>

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