Re: libESMTP 0.8

I'm also subscribed to the galeon mailing-lists.
And Ali Akcaagac, I noticed that you've a very good method to discover new
friends. But dear Ali, you are a smart guy and we all (except you) are just
nobody. You have so many great ideas. Thank you to be here.


On Thu, 14 Jun 2001 09:46:32 Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> On 2001.06.14 09:27:20 +0200 Brian Stafford wrote:
> .. snip
> > That is the line that calls
> >     smtp_option_require_all_recipients (session, 1);
> > 
> > RTFM - From the README in the libESMTP tarball ...
> now listen dude... no one has the right to fucking insult me.
> how the fuck should i know what fucking options i need to enable
> on some 3rd party library to get things working in some other
> programmes (specially in a fast growing community like this) ?
> these things should be written somewhere in the balsa package.
> if this was the done already then please excuse me then i was
> wrong but as i remember its pointed neither in the changelog of
> balsa not in the readme and i usually read these things before
> i do anything. (i havent done it with libESMTP since i expected
> it to work like 0.7.4 release which i used to ./configure;make
> make install only.
> > If you don't like libESMTP don't use it, you have that freedom 
> yeah and to reward you something for your stupid comment.
> i wish i could get rid of your library unfortunately they removed
> all parts of old smtp code out of balsa. i'd better go for a
> broken SMTP/risky or whatever transfer method of old BALSA than
> using your library, specially if i get some pissed comments
> like this from you.
> between if you announce your library the next time on this
> mailinglist then NAME significant changes we need to do before
> installing the library its no where written in your previous
> announcementmail. and stop insulting people, specially those that
> point out only problems. have you seen me insulting people like you
> here. specially with real name and on a open mailinglist where the
> whole fucking world can read it ?
> thanks.
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