Gnome themes and Balsa

Dear all: I am somewhat confused about the way themes and 'appearances'
are dealt with in Gnome. Most importantly (at least for this posting),
Balsa does not behave equally with different themes.

Now to my confusion (hope to get this clear). 
I have a  RedHat 6.2 system, latest Helix Gnome (now Ximian Gnome). For
the following description I will be using the Gnome Configuration Tool.
Here I can select a window manager from several options: enlightenment,
sawfish, twm (Desktop -> Window Managers). I don't quite understand what
they do, I just notice that this changes my list of available 'window
manager themes'. And i call them like this because (here is my
confusion) there are also 'themes' (Desktop -> Theme selector) which are
independent of the 'window manager themes'. The latter apparently
governs how to draw windows (window's zoom, close and minimize/maximize
boxes). However all other aspects are governed by 'themes' which
indicate colors, scrollbars and even icons to use for buttons (common
icons). Is this like this or am I getting the wrong idea of it?

I've been using sawfish for some time with theme CoolIce and
sawfish-theme microGUI. Balsa works OK (scrolling text in the preview
pane is OK). 
Yesterday I changed my theme to BeOS (and kept the microGUI sawfish
theme). Now scrolling in Balsa is slow, and I notice how CPU usage
increments drastically just by doing PgUp or PgDown. I tried several
others (eMac, LCARS, LightSpeed) and found that no one gives me speed

Is this something that you are aware of?
What combinations of wm, wm-theme and theme work OK for you?

Thanks in advance,



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