Re: filtering - How to?

I won't claim to be expert at this, but here's what I think is going on:

Balsa is using the /var/spool/mail/user file as its inbox and writing the
mail it receives from POP into that file. You should change that behavior
as there's potential for confusion.

Procmail can only work with mail that it's given, and it's only given mail
by the local sendmail, so your procmail rules are not being looked at.

What I would do is set up fetchmail to get your POP mail and give it to
sendmail, which will then give it to procmail. This is pretty simple to
do, there's even a nice GUI tool called fetchmailconf. Once you've done
that you can point Balsa to your /home/user/mail directory and all will be

Jack Coates
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On Tue, 2 Jan 2001, Fernan Aguero wrote:

> Balseros:
> I would like to filter my incoming mail. Can you point me to
> tutorials/guides on how to do this? Here's my setup:
> mail account at a remote POP server
> I'm also using a remote SMTP server
> I do have a local email account that i barely use, and also a local SMTP
> server.
> my mail is at ~/mail and i have several subfolders there, like
> ~/mail/personal, ~/mail/lists, ~/mail/journals, etc.
> I'm somewhat confused with the following part of my setup. When i set up
> Balsa for the first time i told it to look for mail in
> /var/spool/mail/fernan, which is where (i think) my local mail should
> be. I also told Balsa to read email from my remote POP server. However
> if i look into /var/spool/mail/fernan i can see the messages that i
> received from my remote server?!?!?!? Also, in ~/mail i have no inbox,
> so i suppose that balsa is using /var/spool/mail/fernan as the InBox.
> Is this setup right? Or did i make it wrong?
> I ask this because my first attempt at using procmail failed. I tried to
> use procmail to filter incoming messages on my local account, and thus
> put a rule on ~/.procmailrc:
> :0:
> * ^Subject:.*HOT
> Am i doing something wrong with procmail? Or is it something about my
> setup?
> Thanks in advance,
> Fernan
> PS: if you can point me to some how to or guide I'll appreciate it. I
> have already read some docs about setting procmail, but some
> newbie-oriented stuff would be probably more helpful.
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