Re: Another bug

On Tue, 2 Jan 2001, Daniel Foster wrote:

> Is there a better way to report these bugs or should I just keep sticking
> them up here?

Visit for instructions.

Reporting a Problem or Making a Suggestion

To tell us about a problem you're having with GNOME, please send an email
to The first two lines of the email should look
like this:

      Package: <name of package>
      Version: <version of package>

Where <name of package> and <version of package> are replaced with the
name and version of the package you're having a problem with.  To get a
list of package names, click here.

If your message is a feature request or suggestion for improvement, rather
than a bug, please add a third line to the top of your email:

      Severity: wishlist

Please include a descriptive subject so we can find the bug in the bug
tracking system. After the special two or three lines at the beginning of
your mail, please describe the bug in as much detail as possible; always
include the exact text of any and all error messages that might be
related, and tell us the name and version of your operating system. Of
course, if you have a patch or suggested way to fix the bug, we'd love to
have that as well.



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