Some ideas of improvments

[I did send this mail before I was on the mailing list,
and I havn't seen this mail there yet, so I send it again.]

Hi Balsa!

I have a couple of ideas of improvment of your very
nice mail program.

I would like to be able to use different smtp servers and
"From:" addresses.
Like there would be a "From" field in the "new message" window
with some choises. Like for me, I would like to have
"", where I'm working now with the smtp server, my private address "" with the smtp
server and so. 
Also a default smtp server would be nice to have. Like if I
want to make a joke with a friend, that is a starwars fan,
it would be nice to use an open smtp server that allows anyone
to send from it, and have anything in the from field, like
in this case, I would like to have ""
or something like that. (I don't mean a function that you
can send spam.)

Secret "CC" would be nice too. Sometimes I would like to
send the same letter to two persons and it would be nice 
if they don't know that both got it.
(You know, sometimes when you go on holydays somewhere and
you don't feel that much for writing those cards with picture
of that nice place to all people that expects to get
one from you and you write the same on all of them.)

I would like to be able to have the same date format as Netscape.
It is like this, if the letter came today it only shows the time
it was sent. If it comes between one and six days ago, it shows
the day, like "Tuesday" and then the time, and for older letters
the full date. 

It would be nice when you have picked check mails periodily
to be able to choose how often you do that, and also be able to 
choose different time intervals for different pop boxes.
And also to be able to not have this window that shows that it is 
downloading mails or connecting to mail servers. When you are
reading alot of mails it is disturbing you.
I think it would be good if you only showed that on the status bar.

An other idea is that you could have an icon beside the print icon
that changes if Balsa downloads one or more mails in the background.
An Xbiff function would also be nice. That you could have a 
transparent window(Like the wheelbarrow in the GTK+ tutorial)
that changes if you have a mail and maybe shows how many new mails, if
you don't want to download them with the "get mail periodicly".

I don't think I need to meantion that PGP would be nice. ;-)

Thanks for a great program!


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