Re: Crash on sending mail resolved

On 2001.12.12 04:38 Gaelyne Gasson wrote:
> G'day,
[ libiconv stuff snipped ]
> My only current curiousity is that something is mangling my butterfly 
> - the X and O in the center line up in my signature file and appears 
> correctly when composing mail but when I view any mail I've sent 
> these are no longer lined up. I've also noticed blank lines for 
> paragraphs that exist when composing messages sometimes 'disappear' 
> after the mail is sent.  (This is viewing the messages both on my own 
> computer and another completely different OS that my workmate next to 
> me uses).  Is there another library I'm missing that's causing the 
> problem or a known bug? Cheers,
> Gaelyne
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The butterfly looks fine on my screen--quite pretty, in fact!

If you're using a fixed width font, the only feature that I know of 
that might mess around with the layout of your messages is the 
`format=flowed' code. (I note that you have it enabled--thanks! It 
makes multiple quotings much easier to follow.) Leading spaces are 
treated carefully to preserve line layout, but it's certainly possible 
that they're not handled exactly right. You could try (separately and 
jointly) turning it off for receiving and sending, and see if that 
makes any difference.

Blank lines can also be trimmed, at times, with f=f turned on for 
sending. If you enter text continuously, spaces preceding a `Return' 
are deleted. That makes it a hard line-end, which marks the end of a 
logical paragraph. Two consecutive `Return's (separated only by spaces) 
give a blank line. However, if you back up and enter some more text at 
the end of a paragraph, ending with a space, the space *isn't* deleted, 
and the `Return' is treated as a soft line-end, which will be ignored 
when the text is wrapped for sending. That may be what you're seeing. 
You can preview the effect of wrapping by selecting `Edit->Wrap Body'.

HTH, and thanks for the comments!

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