Re: bug with the Message-ID ?

Sorry: yes I initialized this discussion ;-)

I use as my ISP and wanted to use balsa as my emai-client.

My summary of the whole turnaround:

1. It is NOT possible to use balsa (btw.: also KDE's kmail)  writing
2. The reason for this is that compuserve does not accept the field
Message   	   -ID in the email-header.
 3. There is no chance that this will be solved because CIS is not
compatible     with the RFC 2822 standard.
4. The only solution might be that CIS would change their handling of
emails     that confirm with the RFC 2822 standard (probably no hope).
My suggestion:

WHY is it not declared in the README (or something else), that users of
compuserve as their ISP cannot use BALSA as their email-client for
sending emails? Without such a hint you must be persistent or you will
throw it away with disappointment.

My personal conclusion:
Now I know the reason for my problems  -- that's all.

M. Thielker wrote:
> What I suggest is to make a minor alteration to increase the possible user 
> base for Balsa by several 100 thousands. That's all. To take "market share" 
> means to be attractive to as many users as possible. To take the desktop 
> market away from Microsoft, one simply cannot afford to alienate that many 
> potential users.
> BTW: AOL doesn't claim to support SMTP, CIS does.

I thought it would be possible to do the work with Balsa (what a



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