Re: bug with the Message-ID ?

On 2001.12.02 18:32 Peter Rexigel wrote:
> Paul Lewis wrote:
> > the libestmp will use another port for mail submission. Suggest you
> > visit the libestmp mailing lists for that one.
> In both cases I use as SMTP server with port number
> 25  - but only in netscape sending emails is working...  :-(
> The only difference I could find between balsa and netscape  was the
> composing of the Message-ID.
> netscape: Message-ID: <>
> balsa:    Message-ID: <>

Then it may be that you are using port 25 when you should remove the
port parameter altogether.  Alternately, I am using Balsa 1.2 pre 3.
This has the facillity to set up identities. Is your default identity
configured with the correct parameters?


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