Re: IMAP check options

On 2001.08.12 04:20 M . Thielker wrote:
> Hi,

> Thanks for that patch, it does just what it's supposed to do. But the
> need
> for this patch poses another question: Why is STATUS sent twice, anyway?

I've never seen redundant STATUS requests going out--how are you detecting

> This nicely matches up with complaints from other users about slow IMAP
> checks and downloads, there seems to be some redundant code here. 

Slow IMAP *opens* I believe are caused by Balsa scanning the tree from
scratch--I'm pretty sure that Netscape Messsenger (my other reader) saves a
lot of information about the tree, to avoid a full scan--I don't how far we
want to go down that road. Slow checks we're getting on top of. Slow
downloads I know nothing of.


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