Re: IMAP check options


On 2001.08.12 08:59 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> However, STATUS (or NOOP) requests are *still* sent to the IMAP server,
> for
> all IMAP mailboxes, regardless of their settings--you can verify this by
> dumping the tcp traffic. They are sent by imap_mailbox_check, which is
> called from mutt_buffy_check, from libbalsa_notify_start_check, from
> check_messages_thread in src/main-window.c (if BALSA_USE_THREADS is
> defined). The calling code isn't conditional on the settings of
> balsa_app.check_imap or balsa_app.check_imap_inbox.
> The attached patch, against today's CVS tree, represents a first cut at
> fixing things (offered for discussion only). The libmutt code is passed a
> callback that tests whether or not to issue the STATUS request. All
> comments and suggestions welcome.

Thanks for that patch, it does just what it's supposed to do. But the need
for this patch poses another question: Why is STATUS sent twice, anyway?
This nicely matches up with complaints from other users about slow IMAP
checks and downloads, there seems to be some redundant code here. It may be
an option to disable one of those STATUS requests by default, because one is
enough! There is no need to send STATUS twice for each mailbox, but that is
exactly what would happen if I read that code right.
I believe there was an email asking this once before, but it went unanswered
back then. Someone had found out that 2 STATUS requests were being sent per
box and was asking why. Well, why? Who wrote that code, what's the reason?


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