Re: Alias expansion update.

kažkada, berods Tr, 2000-11-29 15:07+0000, Paul Lewis rašė:
> How about a preferences page to allow the user to specify his own
> preference as to what key does what function?
> It may be nice to be able to specify the key code with a hexidecimal
> prefix 0xXX that way those of us with additional keys on the newer
> keyboards would be able to put the key scan code in. (either/or)

The more there are preferences, the harder is to find the needed one. Now
the Configuration dialog is so large. Even add another option?

In this simple case, we must find one good default, it is not the thing that
is good to make configurable.

Up/down for cycling forward/backward in completion list is good, tab and
enter should accept completed value, Esc disable completion and clicking
with mouse anywhere else leave as much text as was typed.

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